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  • Luxfer First Responder cylinders

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    Don't let your equipment hamper your performance when speed and efficiency matters most. Our lightweight, easy to carry and reliable high-pressure cylinders are helping first responders get to the scene faster and save more lives.

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We make over 30 product variants across our global markets: Type 1 and Type 3; ECLIPSE and LCX; US: SL, HP, XD and EL; EU: 30 year, 20 year and 15 year. The versatility and quality of our cylinders mean they can be used for numerous applications.

LCX® medical SCBA cylinders

Each ultra-lightweight LCX medical oxygen cylinder has an inner liner made from Luxfer’s proprietary L6X alloy that is strengthened with an aerospace-grade carbon-fiber wrapping that completely surrounds the liner.

SCBA and life-support First responders

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