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  • L7X aluminum medical cylinders

    L7X aluminum medical cylinders

    Our L7X all-metal oxygen cylinders are manufactured from Luxfer’s higher-strength L7X aluminium alloy. L7X advantages include higher-pressure filling up to 3,000 psi and significantly more gas capacity with no increase in cylinder size or noticeable weight gain.

  • Luxfer medical cylinders

    Luxfer medical cylinders

    L7X aluminium cylinders are up to 40 percent lighter in weight than steel cylinders.

Why St. Luke’s prefers Luxfer L7X® cylinders:

“I am very satisfied with the cylinders—they are so reliable. . . My people are not complaining anymore. They are so lightweight and easy to manage. We get much more floor time with the additional capacity of 3,000 psi. I would highly recommend this product.”

Dave Shuldes, Clinical Director for Rehabilitation & Respiratory Therapy at St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center in Boise, Idaho.

“They [St. Luke’s] are very happy. Our truck used to stop at that hospital four times a week to change E-cylinders, and now stops only three. Everybody won on that deal.”

Jason Whitehead, Regional Sales Manager for Norco Inc.

Medical: L7X® – aluminum type 1 cylinders


Part numberService pressureLengthDiameterWeightWater volumeOxygen capacityThread size


All parts are DOT/TC approved. 

Specifications subject to change.


Part numberService pressureLengthDiameterWeightWater volumeOxygen capacityThread size


All parts are DOT/TC approved.

Specifications subject to change.

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