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Luxfer Gas Cylinders offers a complete range of high-pressure, high-performance aluminum and carbon composite cylinders for professional performance racing applications, including:

  • Nitrous oxide (N2O) cylinders for engine performance enhancement.
  • Nitrogen cylinders for tire inflation.
  • CO2 cylinders for fire suppression.

Both types of Luxfer performance racing cylinders come with a 15-year product warranty.

  • Aluminum cylinders are made from Luxfer's L6X® alloy, a proprietary, specially balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon formula exclusive to Luxfer.
  • Carbon composite cylinders feature lightweight aluminum liners wrapped with ultra-strong, durable aerospace-grade carbon fiber.
  • Luxfer performance racing cylinders meet or exceed all recognized international standards.
  • Custom and standard paint finishes are available.
  • 15-year product warranty.
  • Excellent customer service.

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Performance racing Products

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Luxfer L6X cylinders

A superior aluminum alloy makes a superior performance racing cylinder

Luxfer aluminum cylinders are manufactured from L6X®, a proprietary formula of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 developed by Luxfer metallurgists to provide superior corrosion-resistance and dependable performance in the most demanding racing environments.

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Luxfer L6X performance racing cylinders

Luxfer carbon composite cylinders: the lightest-weight racing cylinders available

Luxfer carbon-composite cylinders feature aluminum liners wrapped with super-durable, aerospace-grade carbon composite fiber.

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