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    Even if you’ve never heard of Luxfer, you’ve probably used our products. We’re always working to bring you better experiences, whether you know we’re there or not. The most important thing to know about Luxfer is you can trust us to give you more innovation, quality, and safety, in every aspect of your life. Always ask for Luxfer.

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    Giving you more green fuel options

    Luxfer alternative fuel cylinders offer the transportation and travel industry a cleaner, more efficient way to get from A to B.

    Together we’re reducing carbon emissions, improving efficiencies through lightweight designs and creating a greener future for everyone.

    Alternative fuel

Luxfer Gas Cylinders

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Hydrogen Fuel Solutions Video

This animation highlights some of many possible, and exciting, applications of hydrogen fuels. Come on an environmentally friendly journey with us, each step we take…


Alternative fuel

Luxfer alternative fuel cylinders are used globally in a variety of applications including city and school buses, refuse collection, freight transportation, shuttle services and more.


Luxfer's sampling cylinders are the ideal solution for a wide array of sample collection and analysis needs.

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