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Luxfer Gas Cylinders Acquires Luxfer GTM Technologies

Luxfer Gas Cylinders has acquired a 100 percent ownership position in Luxfer GTM Technologies.

In 2013 Luxfer Gas Cylinders entered into a joint venture (JV) relationship, creating Luxfer GTM Technologies to develop, manufacture and sell or lease high pressure, lightweight, gas transport modules. Effective December 28, 2018, that JV is separated into two areas: manufacturing/sales and leasing.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders will take full responsibility for the manufacturing and sales portion of the business from the base in Catoosa, Oklahoma, operating as Luxfer GTM Technologies. The leasing operations will also continue, but now as an independent entity, owned and operated by our previous partner, Michael Koonce, as "Gas Transport Leasing" out of Berkeley, California.

“We are excited about the opportunities ahead in bulk gas transport,” said Andy Butcher, Luxfer Gas Cylinders President, “Over the coming days, we will be working on a transition plan to leverage the synergies that Luxfer brings across sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations and other functional areas. With this acquisition we look forward to providing our customers an expanded set of products and services that they expect from Luxfer, the world’s largest manufacturer of gas cylinder solutions.”

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