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Luxfer Gas Cylinders launches Type 3 carbon composite cylinders for AFV

Luxfer Type 3 cylinder

July 22, 2002

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is gearing up to meet demand for fully wrapped composite Alternative Fuel vehicle storage cylinders. Luxfer Gas Cylinders is the gas containment division of Luxfer Group, a multinational company with sales of about $500 million a year.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders manufactures more than three million high-pressure aluminum cylinders from five sites around the world. The company also manufactures well over 300,000 composite cylinders from three manufacturing site in the US and Europe for use in such applications as life support, medical oxygen storage, paintball and aircraft slide inflation.

Over the past five years, Luxfer has provided lightweight Type 1 7032 aluminum and Type 2 6061 hoop-wrapped cylinders for use in CNG cars and vans, and Luxfer is now gaining approval for a range of Type 3 carbon composite cylinders for CNG and Hydrogen storage in AFV.

Mark Trudgeon, Luxfer’s Business Development Manager, said, “Luxfer is committed to growing business in composite cylinders, and the AFV market will be a very important part of our strategy. We have low-cost/high-volume, fully integrated manufacturing structures and a global presence, which means we can meet the worldwide demands of the growing market. We are looking for partnerships with system suppliers and OEMs, but are interested to hear from any companies that want lightweight high-pressure cylinders.”

You can contact Mark Trudgeon at Tel. +1 951 341 2395 or Fax. +1 951 781 6598 or e-mail

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