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BOC Healthcare announces worlds lightest-weight oxygen cylinder package featuring Luxfer composite cylinders

NOTTINGHAM, England (4th December 2009)—BOC Healthcare has announced the introduction of its ultra-lightweight l-litre, 300-bar oxygen cylinders that weight just 1.55 kg at full capacity. The new BOC product features Luxfer’s Odyssey-L7X® composite cylinders, which include liners made from Luxfer’s patented L7X aluminium alloy wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon fibre.

Luxfer did not manufacture scuba cylinder that ruptured in Australia in August 2009

SYDNEY, Australia (10 November 2009)—Luxfer Gas Cylinders has received enquiries about the rupture of a scuba cylinder in New South Wales on 16 August 2009. Various accounts of the incident, including several safety alerts, have been published, some of which may have led readers to believe that Luxfer manufactured the cylinder involved in the incident. This is not the case.