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Luxfer GTM bulk gas transport systems
Luxfer GTM bulk gas transport systems
Luxfer GTM BGT systems
Luxfer GTM BGT systems
Luxfer GTM bulk gas transport trailer
Luxfer GTM bulk gas transport trailer

Luxfer GTM's Bulk Gas Transport provides a virtual pipeline for a gas utility enabling the transport of higher volumes of gas to reduce transportation costs per standard cubic foot (SCF).

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Luxfer-GTM Bulk Gas Transport

Luxfer GTM’s Bulk Gas Transport (BGT) represents a monumental leap for transporting bulk, high-pressure gases such as hydrogen, helium, and carbon monoxide doubling to tripling the payload over conventional steel tube trailers, all while keeping the gross weight under the 80,000lb maximum road limit. The BGT line of products translates into one thing, major savings that results to increased earnings.


Technical specifications (Imperial)

Features / capacities (SCF @ 70° 3600 PSIG)Tandem 250 - Two Pod BGTTridum 250 – Three Pod BGTQuadrum 250 – Four Pod BGTTandem 450 - Two Pod BGTTridum 450 – Three Pod BGTQuadrum 450 - Four Pod BGT
Cylinder TypeType 3Type 3Type 3Type 3Type 3Type 3
Number of Cylinders50751005075100
Water Volume565.4 SCF848.1 SCF1130.7 SCF565.4 SCF848.1 SCF1130.7 SCF
Air130,933 SCF196,399 SCF261,842 SCF198,561 SCF297,842 SCF397,088 SCF
Carbon Monoxide128,858 SCF193,288 SCF257,697 SCF---
Helium124,472 SCF186,708 SCF248,922 SCF208,274 SCF312,410 SCF416,510 SCF
Hydrogen120,125 SCF180,188 SCF240,230 SCF193,922 SCF290,883 SCF387,810 SCF
Natural Gas167,551 SCF251,326 SCF335,072 SCF---
Nitrogen127,317 SCF190,976 SCF254,612 SCF191,427 SCF287,421 SCF382,821 SCF
Tare Weight26,130 LBS33,805 LBS40,700 LBS34,500 LBS46,700 LBS65,800 LBS


Specifications subject to change.

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