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  • Luxfer Medical Cylinders

    Giving you more freedom to enjoy life

    We’re all working together to pioneer new medical equipment designed and engineered to give patients more autonomy, comfort and quality of life.

    Read our stories to learn how we’re helping to revolutionise the medical industry, and how we can give people more freedom to live their lives to the full.

    Explore our range
  • Let’s work together to give people a better quality of life, better medical care and equipment that lets them live life to the full.

    Giving you more ways to care

    We develop and manufacture products that are designed to change the whole medical industry.

    Our lightweight cylinders are used for a wide range of applications, helping all patients to live in comfort and with freedom.

    From assisted breathing to patient therapy and emergency services, read about all of the applications we supply.

    Our applications
  • Let’s work together to give people a better quality of life, better medical care and equipment that lets them live life to the full.

    Giving you more innovation

    We’re constantly innovating to produce the most advanced technological solutions designed to supply patients with breathing equipment that will help them live their lives to the full.

    Our cylinders are lightweight, durable, efficient and versatile, enabling greater innovation across the whole industry.

    Our products


We supply medical cylinders for a wide range of uses, including hospital, dental, veterinary, home care, first responders, portable, aviation, nautical and industrial.

Healthcare institutions

Luxfer offers a wide range of medical products specifically designed for the institutional market.

Emergency services

Luxfer offers a wide range of lightweight, compact, highly portable products which are suitable for emergency services operating on land, water and air.

Patient therapy

Luxfer offers important advantages for patients, especially those who are ambulatory.

Did you know?

We offer a suite of medical oxygen solutions, giving you more choice. Luxfer cylinders are available in a range of sizes and capacities, and there are plenty of customisation options.


In 1988 we introduced the Proprietary L6X alloy, a specially balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon formula that provides superior corrosion resistance. Today, our medical cylinders continue to have an exemplary record for safety, long service life and reliable performance.

L6X® composite medical cylinders

Each ultra-lightweight L6X carbon composite oxygen cylinder has an inner liner made from Luxfer’s proprietary L6X alloy that is strengthened with an aerospace-grade carbon-fiber wrapping that completely surrounds the liner.

Medical Emergency services

Did you know?

Our superior 300-bar cylinders provide up to 50% more oxygen than similar-sized 200-bar cylinders, giving you more capacity to take with you.

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