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  • Luxfer SCBA firefighting cylinders

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    20 million firefighters across the country choose Luxfer cylinders to help them get the job done. Lightweight and reliable, they deliver increased speed and mobility without compromising on oxygen flow.

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We make over 30 product variants across our global markets: Type 1 and Type 3; ECLIPSE and LCX; US: SL, HP, XD and EL; EU: 30 year, 20 year and 15 year. The versatility and quality of our cylinders mean they can be used for numerous applications.

Luxfer ECLIPSE™ Pro3

The Luxfer ECLIPSE Pro3 is the core product of this evolution in cylinder technology, and is suitable for all SCBA professionals.

Firefighting SCBA and life-support
LCX® composite SCBA cylinders

In 1997, Luxfer introduced its LCX® line of ultra-lightweight composite cylinders fully wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

Firefighting SCBA and life-support Escape Industrial
LCX®-SL composite SCBA cylinders

Luxfer’s LCX®-SL (Super Light) cylinders are the lightest-weight carbon composite SCBA cylinders available in North America. Available in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute sizes, Luxfer’s SL cylinders are more than 10% lighter than standard Luxfer LCX® cylinders and cylinders available from other manufacturers.

Firefighting SCBA and life-support

Luxfer LCX®-HP (High Pressure) cylinders are the world's first SCBA cylinders with 5,500-psi operating pressures.

Firefighting SCBA and life-support

Luxfer LCX®-XD (Xtreme Duty) cylinders are uniquely designed for the most demanding firefighting and first-response situations requiring exceptionally rugged cylinders.

Firefighting SCBA and life-support
LCX®-EL composite SCBA cylinders

Luxfer’s LCX®-EL cylinders are based on international design standards and have the potential for service lives of up to 30 years*.

Firefighting SCBA and life-support Industrial

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