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  • G-Stor Pro for transit buses

    A quieter ride with zero harmful fumes

    With Luxfer G-Stor cylinders, bus companies can reduce their running costs and increase bus frequency on their timetables, providing a better service to their customers.

Transit Bus

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an excellent alternative to diesel for its environmental benefits along with the advantages of having similar power, performance, and range. Transit bus riders will experience a much quieter ride and without the harmful fumes associated with a diesel-powered bus. Look to Luxfer's line of G-Stor Go and G-Stor Pro composite cylinders to help address the CNG storage needs of your alternative fuel system.

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses are also being deployed by transit agencies because they offer a comparable range to diesel but without the harmful emissions. In addition, with fill up times typically in the 10-minute range, transit bus routes will experience substantially greater service revenue times. Luxfer offers the G-Stor H2 composite cylinder to directly address your hydrogen storage needs.

Alternative Fuel News and Events

The S-Series Front Discharge Mixer CNG Fuel System has Luxfer G-Stor Go cylinders on board.

McNeilus selects Luxfer G-Stor™ Go cylinders for its S-Series™ Front Discharge Mixer CNG fuel system

In Alternative fuel

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (April 6, 2017) - McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE: OSK) company, has selected Luxfer's industry-leading G-Stor™ Go Type-4…

luxfer cylinders

Luxfer-GTM moves to efficient new facility in Port of Catoosa, Okla., significantly increasing manufacturing capabilities

In New products | General news | Alternative fuel

PORT OF CATOOSA, Okla.–Luxfer-GTM Technologies, a joint venture between GTM Technologies and Luxfer Group (NYSE: LXFR), has moved into a new production facility here…

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