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  • Luxfer cylinder liners are custom made to order

    Giving you better quality cylinders

    Luxfer has manufactured millions of Type-3 aluminum liners for cylinders in active service across a wide range of global markets, including SCBA and life support, medical gases, alternative fuel, paintball, and aerospace applications.

    Expore the range


Made from a proprietary blend of 6061 aluminum alloy (AA6061), Luxfer-supplied liners can be manufactured to meet the requirements of most global cylinder standards (e.g., DOT-CFFC, KHK, EN/ISO, KGS, etc.). All liners are supplied with all relevant certificates of approval and conformance.

Type 3 aluminum liners

Luxfer does not offer off-the-shelf liner products—all liners are made to the exacting requirements and specifications of our customers.

Type 3 aluminum liner Type 3 liners

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