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Typical markings for a CO2 fire extinguisher cylinder according to PED

Cylinder markings

  1. M25 x 2 = Thread Specification - Important to ensure the correct valve is used with your cylinder.
  2. UK = Country of Manufacture
  3. LUXFER = Cylinder Manufacturer
  4. L3158V....= Cylinder Type Number and Serial Number - This number is recorded by Luxfer which means, if ever necessary, the entire manufacturing history of your cylinder can be traced.
  5. AA6061 T6 = Alloy of Construction
  6. 4,4MM = Design Minimum Wall Thickness.
  7. 2,4KG = Empty Weight of Cylinder Only (kg)
  8. 3L = Minimum Water Capacity (litres)
  9. PT 212 BAR = (Test Pressure) - Shows the pressure that the cylinder should be tested to - this must not be exceeded.
  10. 2 KG CO2 = Charge Weight
  11. PS 169,3 BAR AT 60°C = (Service Pressure) - Shows the maximum service pressure and operating temperature for which the cylinder design is approved.
  12. TARE 2,9 KG = Weight of Cylinder plus valve and, if fitted, dip tube.
  13. GROSS 5,9 KG = Tare Weight plus Charge Weight. (Optional)
  14. This is the mark of Conformity and Notified Body Reference Number according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.
  15. 2002/10 = (Test Date) - Year and Month of initial test.

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