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Aluminum cylinder serial numbers and markings

Luxfer Gas Cylinders markings

1st Row

Mark and explanation

  • TC or CTC = Transport Canada
  • 3ALM = Aluminum specification (Canada)
  • 124 = Service pressure (bar)
  • T11.3KG = Tare weight (Kilograms)

2nd Row

Mark and explanation

  • DOT = US Department of Transportation
  • 3AL = Aluminum specification (USA)
  • 1800 = Service pressure (psi)
  • U372530 = Serial number
  • Luxfer or M#### = Manufacturing plant identifier

3rd Row

Mark and explanation

  • 01 = Month of manufacture
  • A = Mark of independent inspector
  • 98 = Year of manufacture
  • 20#CO2 = CO2 capacity
  • TW24.9 = Tare wight (lbs)

Stamping layouts have changed slightly over the years. If in doubt, please contact customer service.

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