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Limited warranty for cylinders manufactured in the United States

Effective: November 1, 2004

A. Luxfer Limited Warranty period:

  1. This Luxfer Limited Warranty covers all Luxfer aluminum and composite cylinders manufactured in the United States on or after November 1, 2004, for 15 years from the original hydrostatic test date on each cylinder. (On a Luxfer aluminum cylinder, the original hydrostatic test date is the earliest test date stamped on the cylinder crown. On a Luxfer composite cylinder, the original hydrostatic test date is the earliest test date either stamped on the cylinder neck or printed on a label on the cylinder body.)
  2. This warranty is not retroactive to Luxfer cylinders manufactured before November 1, 2004. There are no warranties that extend beyond the exact text of the express written warranties described in this Luxfer Limited Warranty, which supersedes all previous Luxfer warranty statements.

B. What this Luxfer Limited Warranty covers:

  1. Luxfer Gas Cylinders warrants that each new aluminum or composite cylinder that Luxfer manufactures in the United States will be free of manufacturing and workmanship defects.
  2. Luxfer Gas Cylinders warrants the external and internal cleanliness of each cylinder, which will be judged in accordance with applicable regulations and with Luxfer quality standards, which meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.
  3. Luxfer Gas Cylinders warrants that its aluminum and composite cylinders will pass each required requalification test for 15 years from the original hydrostatic test date if the cylinder has been properly maintained and used in accordance with Luxfer policies, recommendations, usage guides and product literature, as well as periodic technical bulletins and safety bulletins (this information may be found in the publications cited and on the Luxfer website at All requalification tests must be performed at the owner’s expense and at proper intervals required by applicable regulations. (See sections C and D, below, for conditions and situations that this warranty does not cover, including some that will void this warranty.)
  4. On a painted or powder-coated cylinder, Luxfer Gas Cylinders warrants that the initial exterior finish of the cylinder will be free of defects when the cylinder leaves the Luxfer factory (see section D.5, below, for additional information concerning coatings and finishes).

C. Restrictions to this Luxfer Limited Warranty:

  1. Throughout the entire 15-year warranty period, the cylinder must be visually inspected internally and externally by properly trained and certified inspectors at intervals required by applicable regulations. The results of each required inspection must be properly documented in accordance with applicable regulations. Cylinder inspections, maintenance and usage must conform to Luxfer policy requirements and technical recommendations (see applicable policy statements and technical information, based on cylinder type, on the Luxfer Gas Cylinders website at
  2. The cylinder must not be filled or pressurized beyond its rated working capacity. Overfilling or overpressurizing the cylinder will immediately void this warranty. (Other activities that will void this warranty are listed in section D.7, below.)
  3. The cylinder must be used only for the specific purpose or service for which it was designed. (For example, medical oxygen cylinders must not be used for scuba diving.) Using a Luxfer cylinder for a purpose or service for which it was not designed will immediately void this warranty. However, under certain circumstances, it is possible to change the service of certain cylinders if proper procedures are followed and documented in accordance with Compressed Gas Association guidelines (see CGA C-10) and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. Such authorized, properly documented “change of service” will not void this Luxfer Limited Warranty.
  4. Luxfer reserves the right to retest or reinspect any cylinder returned with the claim that it has failed any type of test or inspection (including but not limited to required periodic requalification testing, hydrostatic retesting, ultrasonic testing, eddy-current testing and/or visual inspection). Luxfer further reserves the right to make the final determination concerning proper disposition of any returned cylinder; disposition will be made in accordance with all applicable regulations at the time of inspection.
  5. This non-transferable warranty is valid only for the original owner of each Luxfer cylinder. Proper documentation of ownership, such as a valid warranty card and/or an original purchase receipt, will be required to verify original ownership before any warranty claims will be honored.
  6. Cylinders will be replaced only in accordance with current, published Luxfer policy (see applicable policy statements, based on cylinder type, at Luxfer reserves the right to change policies, including provisions of this Luxfer Limited Warranty, without prior notice.

D. What this Luxfer Limited Warranty does not cover:

  1. Cylinders damaged during shipping and handling, including damage to exterior finishes.
  2. Cosmetic damages, including scratches, dents, nicks and abrasions that occur after a new cylinder is removed from its packaging for the first time.
  3. Cylinders involved in accidents and fires.
  4. Cylinder damages, including corrosion, resulting from improper use, improper storage, improper maintenance and/or negligence.
  5. The performance of paints, coatings and finishes. Luxfer offers no warranties for coatings products other than those provided by the manufacturers of such products.
  6. Valves, regulators or any other devices or equipment attached to or used in conjunction with Luxfer cylinders.
  7. Cylinders subjected to unauthorized repairs and modifications, including (but not limited to) grinding, cutting, sand-blasting, shot-blasting, media-blasting, sanding, brushing, polishing, engraving, scraping and any other activity that removes metal and thins cylinder walls on aluminum cylinders or affects the epoxy resin matrix or protective fiber overwrap on composite cylinders. Additional unauthorized activities include subjecting cylinders to various harsh chemicals (e.g., certain cleaners, caustics, acids, solvents, coatings and other corrosive substances); exposing cylinders to heat processes that could anneal aluminum or adversely affect epoxy resin and fibers; recutting or resurfacing O-ring glands; and rethreading cylinders. Such unauthorized activities will immediately void this Luxfer Limited Warranty. Moreover, since cylinders modified or affected by such unauthorized activities may become unsafe to fill and use, Luxfer accepts no responsibility or liability for the condition or performance of any Luxfer cylinder modified by unauthorized persons or companies. (See usage guides and technical and safety information published by Luxfer and/or posted at

E. To obtain warranty service for your Luxfer cylinder:

  1. Call Luxfer Customer Service toll-free at 800-764-0366 or visit
  2. Be prepared to provide the following: i) cylinder serial number, ii) original hydrostatic test date, iii) proof of purchase, iv) proof of required maintenance, v) description of the problem.

If you have questions about this warranty, please call Luxfer Customer Service at 800-764-0366.

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