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Inflation and aerospace: L6X® – carbon composite type 3 cylinders


Part numberService pressureLengthDiameterWeightWater volumeAir capacityThread size
T15A2073711021.323960.750-16 UNF
T45J3414671372.94.714160.875-14 UNF
T45K3414671372.94.71416MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B
T84A3108101505.792492MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B
T90A3418101505.792718MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UN3B
T41A2074701552.95.91161MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T62A2105261734.18.51671MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T71A3414651754.46.82067MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B
T71R3414651754.46.820670.875-14 UNF
T79A2075311965.611.12180MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T137A2348381968.4183936MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T72A2075051985.310.42039MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T95A2416171986.913.12917MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T144A2488382018.6184134MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T170A31079520610.318.15040MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B
T188C34079520610.218.15465MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T307A214129523919.543.38693MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UNF-2B
T340A241129523919.543.39656MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T200A22774425711.426.85663MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN-2B
L930A345144035674.888.827071MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B


Specifications subject to change.


Part numberService pressureLengthDiameterWeightWater volumeAir capacityThread size
T15A300014.642.8122140.750-16 UNF
T45J494518.45.46.5285500.875-14 UNF
T45K494518.45.46.528550MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B
T84A450031.95.912.555088MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B
T90A494531.95.912.555096MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UN3B
T41A300018.56.16.536041MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T62A305020.76.8952159MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T71A494518.36.99.841673MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B
T71R494518.36.99.8416730.875-14 UNF
T79A300020.97.712.467977MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T137A3400337.718.51100139MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T72A300019.97.811.763572MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T95A350024.37.815.2800103MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T144A360032.67.918.91100146MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T170A450031.38.122.71105178MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B
T188C493531.38.122.51105193MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T307A3100519.4432640307MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UNF-2B
T340A3500519.4432640341MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN2B
T200A329529.310.125.21636200MS33649-16 except thread 1.3125-12 UN-2B
L930A500056.7141655420956MS33649-10 except thread 0.875-14 UNF-2B


Specifications subject to change.

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